About OnePlan

Designing since 1985, and still going strong all these years later!

We live in a world where we know what we want, we can shop around to get it and we will feel empowered that we did it ourselves!
Occasionally we need a little help ! And that is where we come in !

We provide freelance concept planning. Basically that means we design Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms and General Interiors, either supplying design starting from a set of sketches, flowed up by creating the finished CAD drawing, or working with you involved at every step of the way designing in CAD mode.

We work for individual clients, looking to shop around with their own set of drawings , to get the best deal, and compare ‘like for like’ often saving thousands in the process!!

With our drawings , you can hand them to your builder and say “I want it like that!”

Design and Management

Please be aware that if your plans involve construction works, they may be covered by regulations relating to health and safety known as the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. These apply to all construction work in Great Britain, including domestic projects such as replacing a kitchen or reconfiguring your space. As a commissioning client, you have duties under these regulations to make suitable arrangements for managing your project, including allocating time and resources, in order to ensure that your works can be carried out without risks to health and safety and that they will be safe once they are completed. We will be a designer under the regulations, and will prepare our design so that it eliminates foreseeable health and safety risks to you, your family and visitors and your contractor(s), but we cannot take on your overall duties under the regulations, nor can we act as principal designer. It may be that your contractor (if you are appointing only a single builder) will take on both of these roles on for you, and we recommend that you check the position with them and make sure that they are aware of the regulations and everyone’s duties under them.

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