Design Services

The drawings we create are concept designs. They offer a vision of what you are after, and can be a collection of perspectives, sketch plans, and elevations and a virtual panoramic that works on your tablet or smart phone, together with the item list for kitchen or other fitted elements, depending on the service you choose. These can help you shop around with ease. Gives you something to aim for when doing DIY projects and can be useful when asking for building quotes for construction work. We work from measurements supplied by you. We work remotely with no site visits.

Prices mentioned in all communication are in £ pounds Sterling as we are UK based

Design, Planning and Concept Services

Below outlines the services we provide – hopefully one will suit your needs and budget. For a specific price on an ‘Service A’, we’d need an idea of the room sizes. With the other services, as they are per hour its more difficult to give you an Quote so we can provide an estimate – but obviously the more too and fro and more changes etc – the more time involved. Have a look through the different service options and please get in touch with any questions you have.

Tailored to suit your family and the room:

For example, a kitchen specifically. To design a kitchen, with your input and ideas too, would usually come into the £450 to £675 bracket, (about the cost of a good dishwasher) That’s for a personally tailored design, keeping you in the loop at each stage. (much larger rooms or a collection of rooms ie kitchen, utility and boot room etc may work out more, if covering more area)

Here’s a summary of how a design week would normally progress !

…The Monday morning, we read through the initial emails and the results of clients Questionnaire. We make notes and list any existing appliances or furniture to go in, then start by inputting the room sizes into our CAD programme. This can be done via the info clients have given us after reading our survey guide PDF, or, if they are having building work and can email us the architectural plan in DXF or DWG format, we can use this as a ghost image to then clip the walls, windows and doors into place (as long as the architect is happy for us to scale off their drawing like this! )…. Then we print off some empty room plans. The rest of the day, often spilling into Tuesday as well, will be spent sketching/ rubbing out and trying ideas by hand, on the printed room outlines. Finally picking the best ideas, usually 3 or 4 designed plans at least and emailing them to you with a description of the pros and cons of each one for your perusal.

Clients mull over sketches, come back with questions, such as ‘can I have sketch A but with the island from D and the pantry area like C’ etc. Or sometimes clients are happy with one sketch with no major changes.

We arrange a Call or FaceTime /Skype to talk through the sketches with clients. If they’d like an evening chat, we can do that too, if they let us know beforehand!

CAD work starts after we have discussed the sketches, and one, or a hybrid of several, will be used as the starting point, with emails going back and forth* for client to see how it’s coming together.

By Thursday at 5pm any changes, tweaks and colour finishes should be agreed on, so that JPEG’s can be rendered over the course of the Friday and the PDF item listing created by end of that day, the aim is to be finished by Friday at 5pm.

This will provide one PDF with Plans, Elevations and multiple Perspective views, Also a virtual panoramic that clients can view in situ on their smart device. An numerical annotated plan correlates with an item listing making this PDF useful for shopping around to get multiple quotes so clients can compare like for like and choose who will take them through the next step of supplying product.

* up to a maximum total of 6 hours per individually priced project – initial sketches and CAD outline input not included in this time frame – this is purely the modification stage, with client input , to get it exactly how they want it! (Further consultation is available at an extra cost of £35 per hour – but is very rarely required)

An example is the  V and S Kitchen utility project with finished project photos available on Houzz, (was a new build so it altered a little due to going over budget elsewhere.)

An example of an A service panoramic

(with the panoramic – if you open them standing in the room facing where 12 o’clock would be if the plan were a clock face. As you move your ipad or phone around the room the panoramic changes ! It’s a great way to see what goes where )

To go with another A example on Houzz

To suit the just the room :

If you just wanted a professionally designed room eg a kitchen with no ’back and forth ‘ input from yourselves, it would cost less, at £325 per room, as it would be quicker! (we usually provide this for developers – it’s more designing to suit the room, rather than specifically tailored to suit you too, so much )

Like this project on our Houzz page

(Here’s a quick summery of how a design half week would normally progress !

Work starts Monday morning or Wednesday lunchtime – we design the layout to suit the room shape – sketching in a similar way to the tailored design but not keeping client in the process. After we have sorted what goes, what can what can’t etc we create the CAD images…

The aim is to be finished by Wednesday lunchtime or Friday pm dependant on start date.

This will provide one PDF with Plans, Elevations and multiple Perspective views, Also a virtual panoramic that you can view in situ on your smart device. An numerical annotated plan correlates with an item listing making this PDF useful for shopping around to get multiple quotes so you can compare like for like and choose who will take them through the next step of supply product.

It’s not within the price to make changes to the finished project, nor can they add in the £35 per hour option to ask for changes, as projects are booked back to back with a specific time frame in mind.)

A call or digital sketch option:

We also offer a consultation and advice service ( no CAD )  that comes under a £45 per hour. (ie I make suggestions and sketch on an image of clients existing plans, or/and discussing your plans via phone, FaceTime or/Skype  if that’s easier)

Examples of this are more difficult to show you – but something similar to this discussion thread.

With some sketch examples here.

We ask clients to put a cap on the time they wish to purchase before we start!

An iPad design option:

We also offer a space planning service for whole floors, apartments, new builds etc,on an iPad software package at £45 per hour.

Examples of this can be found here on Houzz.

And here for a simple kitchen, dining  and tv room.

And here for just a simple kitchen.

We ask clients to put a cap on the time they wish to purchase before we start!

Please note – the software is very basic – so it’s very generic – ie quite a bit of imagination is required !

Service E.

Or if a client already have a design and they’d just like me to look over it for them to see if I can spot any potential errors – I’m happy to do that, for individual retail projects FOC. They can just email over what they have ! (For Trade and Developer projects I will charge as per a C project!)

Like What You See?

Getting your design started

Whichever of  ABC, or D clients choose  – We’d still require lots of info from them at the start either way, and we would need a list of any existing appliances / furniture and equipment that they wanted to keep, and any new appliances / furniture and equipment they’d like to add and the room sizes/ heights etc etc etc – we will send clients a questionnaire  and survey guide after we have sorted out their paperwork and booked their time slot.

We generally take bookings for A&B CAD projects starting in approx 2-3 weeks from initial enquiry. . In busy periods it can go up to 4-6 weeks.  If clients are in a desperate rush, let me know and I might be able to juggle some trade work around to enable a sooner start.  Sketch consults (C,D & E) can sometimes be started same day as enquiry ( as usually for people in a rush!) .

Due to the nature of what we provide, in that we can’t ask for it back if clients don’t pay, and also that each project is unique,  we do ask for payment on or before the day we start the project for tailored (A) or developer (B)  projects . Account details are printed on the invoice, for easy online transfer. If clients prefer to use PayPal, we can raise a PayPal invoice on request. ‘By the hour projects’  (C &D) are billed when complete if under 4 hours, or at each four hour stage. We do not offer a credit or deferred payment option.

After reading all of this, should you wish to receive some prices for your project, please contact us back say what you want us to cover (A,B,C, or D) and the room type and overall sizes etc and we will send you a quote back for A or B and if also required, an estimate of time involved for C or D, then, if you wish to proceed, we will send you an Acceptance of terms form (the paperwork)  for you to sign. An Invoice will be raised and emailed, nearer your start date, or in accordance with our T&C’s for C and D projects.   

The payment code (including IBAN and swift code for international clients) to pay directly into our account is will be printed on your invoice. Alternatively, if you prefer to pay via PayPal, please say and we will raise a PayPal invoice for you. (NB. As the service we provide is bespoke it’s not covered in the same way by PayPal as a purchase of something more generic would be. It doesn’t cover you in the same way that you’d maybe think it would, please see their site for more info on bespoke items cover )

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